Gastronomic luxury for young and old

Culinary delights in a class of their own

Pleasure for the taste buds, a feast for the eyes and enjoyment for body and soul – this is the best way to describe the options available on our set menus and themed buffets. You can put together your own perfect meal from a range of starters, soups, main courses and desserts (including vegetarian and vegan options). The salad and cheese buffet lets you put the finishing touches to your personalised meal. On Saturdays we provide indulgent themed buffets which change each week.

International gourmet cuisine with traditional influences

Executive Chef Dominik Maier and his roughly 25-person-strong team work across two shifts, 16 hours a day, for the physical well-being of young and old at the Alpenrose. The demands placed on our motivated, international kitchen team are high. Our guests can expect aesthetics for the eye and pure enjoyment for the palate with 4-course menus and themed buffets.

Freshness and quality come first. With a lot of love for the product, meticulousness in preparation and an infallible flair for plating the finished dish, like a painter conjures up splashes of colour onto a painting – this is how plates at the Alpenrose are served from the kitchen.

Consideration for allergies and intolerances

Our guests don’t let food intolerances or allergies spoil their holiday. Our kitchen team is familiar with special dietary requirements and can offer you special foods and dishes to suit. We are happy to advise families who require this and put together a suitable holiday meal plan. We have an exceptionally extensive range of gluten- and lactose-free foodstuffs: milk and drinks, yogurts, cheese, quark and butter, muesli, flour and pasta, speciality breads, pastries, cakes and croissants, and much more, are available.

The restaurant and bar

Enjoy your chosen menu served up to you in a tasteful ambience in several, lovingly designed rooms.

Our F&B Manager and Restaurant Manager Sasa Randjelovic, along with the team of roughly 25 motivated experts, lovingly attend to your culinary evening. A true institution at the Alpenrose is our bartender Giuseppe. Enjoy a cocktail at the hotel bar and let yourself be infected by his Italian joie de vivre.

The wine cellar

Almost 700 items and around 40,000 bottles in stock allows for excellent vintage depths – a paradise for every wine lover

Sommeliers Veronika Bader and Jonas Fröscher are always available to advise our guests and fascilitate fantastic wine-tasting evenings.
Decades of close friendship connects the Mayer family with Josef and Maria Reumann. It is through this friendship our popular Cuveé Equinox, bottled annually, was created at their winery in Deutschkreutz many years ago.
In June 2020 our latest Familux Sommelier Edition was ready for our guests to enjoy. A wine created in cooperation with winemaker Michael Malat, and the Malat Winery, called “142” OneForTwo 2018 – a premium Chardonnay and Riesling cuvée.
Enjoy cozy hours in our wine cellar and let our sommeliers guide you into the world of wines every Thursday at our wine tasting. Cheers!

The WineLounge

A meeting place for generations

At the entrance of the Alpenrose is our à la carte restaurant, the WineLounge (not included in our all-inclusive rates). Enjoy international cuisine of the highest level with a Mediterranean emphasis in an informal, cosy atmosphere. And along with it, exquisite wines from all over Austria from both renowned and emerging winegrowers. As a digestif, you can choose from an extensive range of fine liqueurs. A small cocktail list rounds of the offering in our meeting spot for locals and international guests.

Please contact our reception team for a reservation.

Our Kostbar – finest wine available 24h

A new highlight for our wine loving guests.

At our Kostbar you can enjoy a selection of 16 different wines available to you 24 hours a day. These sommelier selected wines are automatically poured into your glass, at their correct temperature of 6°C/16°C, only with the help of your room card.
This is how it works: insert your room card, select the wine and quantity – either a sample, a sixteenth or an eighth, depending on your preference, hold your glass under the pourer and press the button.
The 24h Kostbar will of course not replace the personal wine service from our sommeliers Veronika and Jonas, but is an additional benefit for our guests to enjoy.


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