Consideration for allergies and intolerances

It goes almost without saying that the culinary preferences of our youngest guests are taken into consideration: we’ve even come up with a Hipp baby food corner. With us, parents can relax in confidence. Even if you or your children have special dietary needs, everything is taken care of. If you tell us your food intolerances, allergies or requirements for vegetarian and vegan diets before you arrive (by sending an email to, you’ll be able to enjoy a feast on holiday – completely in line with your personal dietary needs and without needing to think any more about it.

In addition to natural soy yogurt, vanilla soy yoghurt, cream cheese, cottage cheese and butter, we have the following lactose-free products:
  • Omira Minus L: plain yoghurt, cherry yoghurt, vanilla yogurt, strawberry yoghurt
  • Alpro and Joya Lactose-Free: hazelnut drink, almond drink, oat drink, soy drink and rice drink
In terms of gluten-free products, we offer:
  • Huttwills: Sunday rolls, fitness rolls, mini baguettes, lye rolls, crusted rolls, lemon cake, chocolate cake
  • ADPAN: croissants
  • Seitz: organic crunchy muesli, buckwheat fusilli
  • Finax: breadcrumbs
  • Hammermühle: pizza flour
  • Bio Zentrale: quinoa flour, rice pasta
  • Naturata: rice spaghetti, vermicelli
  • Incidentally, we buy special bread from the Fritz Mühlenbäckerei in Munich.

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