Exclusive children’s holiday

Activities for children (3-5,9 years)

Are you looking for something special for your family holiday with children? Somewhere you can relax together with your small children, get some rest and spend some real quality time? We invite you to stay in our Kinderhotel Alpenrose in Tyrol – a wonderfully situated and exclusively equipped hotel that is perfect for a holiday with small children.

In the breathtaking landscapes in the heart of Austria your children will find the perfect combination of calm and action, wellness and sport. Whether they are small or not-so-small, our young guests enter a colourful wonderland, experience unforgettable adventures and make new friends. Show your children the Tyrol and discover the most beautiful parts of nature together with them – perhaps even on one of our nature days with the mini club. Enjoy the fun and action of our recreational facilities or perhaps some of the more traditional activities such as skiing, hiking or swimming.

A girl slides down a wave slide on a tire, with the family watching her.

The best hit: The “Aqua Racer” tyre water slide

Our 90 metre long high-speed tyre waterslide provides guaranteed fun for young and old alike throughout the year at the Alpenrose family hotel.

Even more fun on your family hotel with small children

We have a wide range of events in our hotel programme:

  • Alpenrose Champions League
  • Magic school
  • Beauty time
  • Fingernail workshops
  • Pirate crafts
  • Swimming lessons
  • Children’s shows
  • Fashion shows
  • Make-up parties
  • Pony rides
  • Petting zoo visits
  • Knights and Indians days
  • Climbing on our own climbing wall
  • Playback show

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