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Welcome to the regular guest area

You'll already have received your personal access code in our welcome mailout or by email after your departure.

Here's how it works:

How many Alpenroses (loyalty points) will each family receive for their holiday?: The number of Alpenroses is calculated based on the total value of the hotel bill (room + all extras). We'll be happy to credit each family with 3% of their total spend in the form of Alpenrose points on their loyalty account after departure. The Alpenroses to euro conversion rate: 1:13.333.

What can the Alpenroses be used for? In the regular guest area there are various package deals which you can book online, thus redeeming your Alpine roses. In the event that you can't find a suitable package, you can convert your Alpine roses into a gift certificate for use in our wellness area, using the "Coupon" button (conversion rate 1: 13.3333). The Alpenroses can also be converted into a cash discount by Reception and deducted from your final bill (1: 20 conversion rate).

How are the Alpenroses converted into euros? Conversion of Alpenroses into euros is based on ratios of 1:13.333 and 1:20, i.e. 1000 Alpenroses would amount to a € 50 cash discount (1:20 ratio). However, if you opt for one of our special offers within the regular guest area or a voucher for the wellness area, then 1000 Alpenroses amount to € 75 (ratio 1:13.333).

Did you enjoy your holiday with us? Then recommend us and receive valuable Alpenrose loyality points! How does it work? Enter the regular guest portal with your access data and as recommendation enter the data of your friends and acquaintances. Then submit your personal holiday recommendation. If your friends and acquaintances book with us, you will receive 200 Alpenroses for each night (worth € 15) credited to your regular account and the recommended family will benefit from 400 Alpenroses (worth € 30) as a welcome bonus.

How long are the Alpenroses valid for? The Alpenroses do not expire. Just the birthday bonus is available two years for redemption. If a vacation during this time in our two hotels is not possible, the Alpenroses can be printed out as a coupon to be redeemed later.

Enjoy our special service as a 'Thank You' for your loyalty!

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