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Arrival / Transfer

In Lermoos, at the foot of the Zugspitze at 1004 meters above sea level, only 200 meters from the gondola lift and away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, is the Alpenrose. How to get here? By car, train or aeroplane.

Car (From the north over two toll-free access roads)
Coming from Germany and Austria:
• Via the Ulm-Kempten-Reutte-Lermoos or
• Munich-Garmisch-Ehrwald-Lermoos highways

Coming from Switzerland:
• Via Lindau-Sonthofen or Arlberg

Coming from Italy:
• Via the Brenner or Reschen passes (duties are required on these two routes!) or
• Via highway (until 40km before Lermoos) - Brenner-Innsbruck-Mötz-Fernpass Lermoos

• Innsbruck-Garmisch-Lermoos or
• Munich-Garmisch-Lermoos

• Innsbruck, 70 km or
• Memmingen 130 km or           
Feel free to use our airport shuttle by Shuttle and More
• Munich 140 km or                    (fees)
• Stuttgart 230 km or
• Zurich 250 km or
• Salzburg 270 km

Our service begins not only upon check-in, but long before your arrival. Our reservation team is constantly striving to find the best option for each family, so that no desires are left unmet. However, that is not enough. We would also be happy to organize a transfer on your behalf to and from your destination airport / railway station in order to provide you with a stress free arrival.

Prices per transfer (up to 8 people):

Place (Price Train station / Price airport)
Innsbruck (135,- €/135,- €), München (160,- €/240,- €), Salzburg (-/300,- €), Zürich (-/385,- €), Memmingen (-/185,- €), Stuttgart (-/385,- €), Imst (65,- €/-), Landeck (90,- €/-), Garmisch (45,- €/-), Ulm (240,- €/-), Kempten (110,- €/-), Reutte (45,- €/-)

All prices include 10% VAT.

If we may organize a transfer for you and your family, please send us a message stating your reservation number along with the following information:

Airport transfer:    
Arrival & departure time as well as the respective flight numbers.

Train station transfer:    
Arrival & departure times as well as the corresponding tracks.

If you prefer, we can also apply the hotel transfer amount to your hotel bill.

HiPP baby menu

HiPP baby menu



HiPP 1 Organic Infant Formula from birth

HiPP 2 Organic Follow-on Formula after 6 months

HiPP 3 Organic Follow-on Formula from 10 months

HiPP HA1 Combiotik Infant Formula from birth

HiPP HA2 Combiotik Follow-on Formula from 6 months

Good Morning Cereals

Strawberry yoghurt from 10 months

Fruit yoghurt from 10 months


Organic fennel tea from 1st week

Childtren´s tea fred fruits 1 to 3 years

Ceral Pap

Pap Rice flakes, gluten free after 4 months


Mixed vegetables after 4 months

Baby carrots with potatoes after 4 months


Carrots with potatoes and organic beef after 4 months

Vegetable rice with organic chicken after 4 months

Potatoes with vegetables and organic beef from 8 months

Organic ham pasta with vegetables from 8 months

Spaghetti with fish and vegetables with cream from 12 months

Rigatoni Napoli from 12 months


Good night pap baby biscuits after 4 months

Good night pap pure semolina after 4 months

We are also pleased to prepare fresh vegetable and fruit purees each day for your children. Please contact our staff in the restaurant.

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Bank details

Important: Please enter your reservation number in the "Purpose" field.

Germany bank details:
Hypo-Vereinsbank in D-Garmisch * Kontonummer: 6350390632 * Bank code: 70320090
IBAN: DE88703200906350390632 * BIC: HYVEDEMM654 * Ernst Mayer, Hotel Alpenrose

Switzerland bank details:
BTV Staad * EURO-Kontonummer: SA31038AB * Bank code: 8525
IBAN: CH1908525000SA31038AB * BIC: BTVACH22 * Ernst Mayer, Hotel Alpenrose

BTV Staad * CHF-Account number: SA31038AA * Bank code: 8525
IBAN: CH4608525000SA31038AA * BIC: BTVACH22 * Ernst Mayer, Hotel Alpenrose

Austria bank details:
Raiba Ehrwald-Lermoos * Account number: 322107 * Bank code: 36219
IBAN: AT633621900000322107 * BIC: RZTIAT22219 * Ernst Mayer, Hotel Alpenrose

(Please remit all payments free of charge to recipient otherwise we will be required to add the charges to your invoice.)

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Mountain Bike Package  (In addition to the room rate)
Package without the room may be booked for any room type.
• 5 guided tours
• Daily energy package
• 3 - 20 min. massages

In addition, we offer all our bikers:
Free GPS rental, a fully equipped bike workshop, a laundry room, maps, daily biker Stammtisch, affordable high end bike rental (prices available on request)

Price throughout the season € 185


As a member of Mountainbike Hotels and leading enterprise of Kinderhotels, the Alpenrose is considered the leading resort for family-friendly cycling holidays.

The following services can be found in the vicinity of our 4-star hotel:

For bikers:

The Bike Arena Tiroler Zugspitze:
It was chosen as the best mountain bike region in Austria for a second time with more than 4000 recommended bike kilometres. There is also an excellent mountain bike guide school. Directly in Lermoos are two new free ride trails for the ultimate kick on the bike.

The Bike School:
This unique area is perfect for enjoying the bike guide school under the direction of George Mott, with 7 guides available (daily, except Wednesdays). There are more than 100 different tours available for all levels.

There are three performance groups, which are divided as follows:
- Group 1 > 900 to 2,000 or more meters on a 50-100 km route
- Group 2 > 600 to 1200 meters on a 30-70 km route
- Group 3 > 300 - 700 meters on a 20-50 km route

Furthermore, special trial and technology seminars are held weekly. Guided tours are available at the reduced price of € 35 / day, 2 tours for € 60, 3 tours for € 84, 4 tours for € 105, and 5 tours for € 120, each additional tour for € 20.

Bike rental:
The Sport Nagele Company provides the right mountain bike, offering the required equipment every day. Professional full suspension bikes begin at € 32 / day, with optional click pedals, shoes, helmet and backpack with tools and a spare tube (additional fee).

All inclusive for our mountain bike visitor:
- CCTV-monitored bike storage
- Two bike washing facilities with high pressure cleaners, special cleaning and maintenance products and brushes
- Repair stand
- Fully equipped repair corner
- Maps
- Magazines

- Bike locks
- Daily biker Stammtisch
- Daily energy package by Maxim
- Après bike snack

For the family:
- Free rental of hybrid bikes for adults and children
- Bicycle helmets and child seats
- Bike trailer

- Trailer bikes


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Bonussystem Alpenrosen

How many Alpenrosen (loyalty points) does each family receive after their holiday?
The number of Alpenrosen is calculated as the total value of the hotel bill (room + extras). We automatically award 3% of the total bill in the form of Alpenrosen to each family member's loyalty account.

How can the Alpenrosen be used?

There are different packages available in the returning guest area (Stammgastbereich), which you can book online to redeem your Alpenrosen. In the event that you find a suitable package, you have the option of converting your Alpenrosen into a voucher for our spa area (exchange rate 1:13,33) by clicking "voucher" . In addition, the Alpenrosen can be accepted by our reception as a cash rebate and deducted from your hotel bill (exchange rate 1:20).

How are the Alpenrosen converted into Euro?

The conversion of the Alpenrosen into Euro is based on a rate of 1:13,33 and 1:20, i.e. 1000 Alpenrosen equal a cash discount of 50,-€; however, when you choose one of our special offers in the Stammgastbereich, 1000 Alpinerosen is equal to 75,-€.

How long are the Alpenrosen valid?

The Alpenrosen do not expire.

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Golfing on the sunny side of the Zugspitze

The 9-hole golf course facility with its incomparable panorama of the Tyrolean Zugspitze peaks, situated in a natural meadow, with of course, the cutting-edge, international criteria, is also ideally suited for tournament events. Enjoy all the advantages of the founding hotel or use our hotel's own golf simulator. Our Golf Pro "Joe" is especially available to our guests. For more information and a tournament calendar, see www.tiroler-zugspitzgolf.at.

Entry Price: 3 days (extensions possible)

1-5 people: 90 - 120 minutes per day, depending on the number of people.

Short demonstration, introduction to sports equipment and play area, learning the basics (still, grip, alignment "set up"), short game (putting, chipping, pitching), Long game (tee off), club rental, range balls, Swingeye.

€ 220 excluding range fee (€ 8 per day)


Basic Course: 5 days

1-5 people: 90 - 160 minutes per day, depending on the number of persons.

Short demonstration, introduction to sports equipment and playground. Learning the basic techniques (stand, grip, alignment "set up"), short game (putting, chipping, pitching), long game (tee off, fairway shots, approach), club rental, range balls, swing eye, rules and etiquette, personal rulebook.

€ 370 excluding range fee (€ 8 per day)


Golf ability license exam

This test is a skills license for golf and allows you to play on all courses around the world and participate in tournaments. Practical test in practice area for achieving specific targets, putting, chipping and long shots. Playing fairways considering speed of play, rules and etiquette. Rules and etiquette test in multiple-choice format

€ 100 including course fee


Golfweek with Advanced Training

Prices per person per week. Offer valid for the following weeks:

26.04.-24.05.14 / 21.-28.06.14 / 13.-27.09.14

7 nights in the Pinocchio luxury suite with all-inclusive gourmet board, golf course for 5 days (depending on number of people, maximum 4 people), 2 - 3 hours of intensive golf training with our golf pro, Joe Auer. Intensive training = putting, chipping, tee off, development and perfection of the basic techniques, playing with the wood, game tactics, video analysis, rules and etiquette.

Special price for 1 person € 1450 /

package price without room € 370



Kids Golf at the Alpenrose! Practice makes perfect...

Introductory Days

Children 6 - 14 years (no previous experience), 4 hours of training over 3 days, 1-4 children. Serious, but yet fun golf lessons. A final match play will be held at the end to show what the children have learned Rental equipment, practice balls during course, and hotel-golf course-hotel transfer are included.

€ 150 excluding range fee (€ 8 per day)


Kids Golf

Children 7 - 14 years (previous experience), 4 hours of training over 3 days, 1-4 children. Improve their technique, putting, chipping, pitching, golf swing. A final match play will be held at the end to show what the children have learned. Rental equipment, practice balls during course, and transfer hotel-golf course-hotel are included.

€ 150 excluding range fee (€ 8 per day)



Golf Courses:

• On the sunny side of the Zugspitze, only 5 minutes (9 holes).

Nearby you can also play:

• Garmisch-Partenkirchen, about 30 minutes (9 hole)

Tel.: +49 / (0) 8824 / 944 198

• Oberau, about 35 minutes (18 holes)

• Wallgau, about 45 minutes (9 holes)

• Mieming (Tyrol), about 40 minutes (9 hole)

Tel.: +43 / (0)5264 / 53 36

• Seefeld (Tirol), about 45 minutes (18 holes)

Tel.: +43 / (0)6644 / 634 277

• Lechbruck, about 55 minutes (18 holes)

Tel.: +43 / (0)8826 / 85 20



In regards to the golf courses or individual golf lessons, please contact our golf pro, Joe Auer, so that he can coordinate the dates with you.

Email: joe-golf@aon.at

Tel.: +43 / (0)676 / 686 21 59

Home: www.joe-golf.at.tt

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You are welcome to bring your dog with you. Dogs are allowed in both the bar area and your room. Unfortunately, you may not bring your dog with you into the restaurant, the garden, the swimming pool and the children's areas. We charge 25,-€ per day for your dog of any size, not including food.

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Free Wi-Fi Internet Access is available in the rooms, in the hotel bar area and in the wine lounge.  A business centre is also available with two internet computers.

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We offer childcare for children from the first week of life who are cared for according to their age at the Baby Club, Mini Club, Adventure Club and Teen Club. Our excursions, craft and game programs take into account the age and, when possible, the desires of the children. Children under 3 years must be accompanied by a parent to participate in excursions.

Our 24 childcare staff members lovingly care for your loved ones 7 days / 90 hours per week, i.e. Sunday through Friday from 08.00 - 21.00. On Saturday, the child care is open from 09.30 - 21.00, with the possibility of a supervised group lunch and dinner.

With crawling spaces, changing tables and rest areas, your little ones are in good hands in our baby area. Our teen program with animation should not be missed. You will find more detailed information on our play equipment in our hotel brochures or our website.

You are welcome to schedule a consultation with the management of child care and reserve private child care services for your children. Until 22:00, the hourly rate is € 10 per hour and after 22:00, it is € 15 per hour.


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Garage / Luggage service

You can also use our underground garage free of charge (maximum height front: 2.40m, rear: 2.20m). We are also pleased to park your car for you and return your luggage directly to your room free of charge and then later back to the car.

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Cancellation and trip interruption insurance

To lessen the affect of potential unforeseeable circumstances, you are welcome to purchase cancellation insurance through our hotel for any of the following conditions:

An insured event exists if one of the items specified below occurs, affecting the insured's ability to travel; for example, the commencement or continuation of the journey is not possible; a serious accident or illness of the insured, his spouse, children, parents, in-laws; death of someone within one of the insured person's circle or siblings, grandparents, grandchildren, children in-law. A sudden, unforeseen, severe pregnancy complication.

Adverse vaccination reactions, an unexpected recurrence or exacerbation of a chronic illness, or serious damage to the property of the insured persons at their place of residence due to fire, acts of God, or a criminal act by a third party, making their presence mandatory.

What is the deductible?

If the booking is cancelled prior to travel, 20% of the booking is non-refundable.
If the booking is cancelled prematurely during the stay, 20% of the booking is non-refundable.

What should be done in the event of a loss?

Unable to make of the trip. The guest must inform the Leading Family Hotel & Resort Alpenrose as soon as possible as to what is preventing travel and send a confirmation with diagnosis from a doctor or a police report.

How much does the insurance cost?

1-3 days = € 30 / 4-7 days = € 60 / 8-10 days = € 90 / 11-15 days = € 120 / 16-21 days = € 180 per stay, room and family (After completion of the cancellation insurance, a refund is no longer possible!).


Please note that we are only able to accept cancellations in writing. Thank you for your understanding.

In the event of cancellation of the booking prior to arrival or premature departure of the booked stay without additional cancellation insurance or for a reason that is not listed as an insured event (see introduction), the following failure costs shall be borne (Under the jurisdiction of Reutte / Tirol / Austria):

• Up to 1 month before arrival date, 40% of the booked stay

• Up to 1 week before the arrival date, 70% of the booked stay

• Within the last week before arrival, 90% of the booked stay

Cancellation free of charge:

A cancellation free of charge is possible up to 3 months prior to arrival.
Only in this event is the cancellation insurance premium refundable (if it is cancelled in advance).

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Swim lessons

Swim lessons are held from Monday to Friday between 08.00 and 12.00 every week.
Individual days in group lessons cost € 15, private lessons cost € 24 per half hour. The package (Monday to Friday, half hour per day) can be booked for € 60. Children of all ages can participate, with a maximum of 4 children per group. Children up to 3 years who are participating in the swim course must be accompanied by a parent. Registration deadline is on Sunday at 18:00.

Swimming aids such as the "swimming trainer" are available free of charge for the duration of the course.

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Skiers Information Winter 2015/2016

Skiers Information Winter 2015/2016

Grubigstein Ski Resort (200m from the hotel) and Zugspitze (approx. 10 minutes by car):

The Grubigstein ski area has 9 lifts (1, 000 m - 2. 100 m) and offers various slopes for all skill levels with 33 km of ski runs. A snowboard nature area with its own snowboard descent awaits snowboarders. Snow-making systems ensure unlimited snow sports all winter long (mid December - mid-April). Find more information, as well as a piste map, on the Bergbahnen Langes website: www.langes.at.

The skiers and snowboarders arrive high on the Zug Spitz plateau, the glacier ski area of the Zugspitze (2,962 m). The ultimate experience as the Zugspitze is high above the tree line in the eternal ice. A chair lift, 8 ski lifts and many "red" and "blue" runs attract skiers well into the spring. The Zugspitzbahn Talstation is located in the neighbouring village of Ehrwald. More information and a piste map are available on the homepage of the Tyrolean Zugspitzbahn: www.zugspitzbahn.at

Lermoos Ski School (Winter 2015/2016)

We organise ski courses for children and adults at our reception desk. The children are transported to the ski school by us, picked up and supervised during lunch (lunch included), and afterwards are cared for in the Kinderclub. Lessons are available from Sunday - Friday. Beginner lessons start on Sundays and Mondays. Lessons can be booked throughout the day (09.45 - 11.45 and 14.00 - 16.00) or half days (09.45 - 11.45) as well as private lessons (times to be arranged, during high season in the afternoons from 12.15 - 13.45). Group courses cost € 193 (in the high season) € 179 (in the low season) for 6 full days for children and adults. All prices as well as those for snowboard and cross-country courses are available at: www.schischule-lermoos.at.

Zwergerl Ski Lessons

On the cooled and snow-capped roof of the underground car park, our Zwergerlskikurs can be booked for children 2.5 - 3 years old from Sunday to Friday (10.00 - 12.00) with daily and weekly rates. Below are the coming season's rates:

1 Day € 40

2 Days € 75

3 Days € 105

4 Days € 135

5 Days € 165

6 Days € 190

Tyrol Zugspitz Arena Ski Pass

The snow pass applies to the Tyrolean Zugspitz Arena, including Zugspitzbahn, Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Mittenwald. Six days cost € 227,00 per adult and € 117,00 per child (up to 15 years) in the high season, 6 days € 204,50 per adult and only € 107,50 per child (up to 15 years) in the low season. Prices for half day, full day, and additional multi day tickets are available at www.langes.at.

We offer a discounted ski package during the following periods: 12.12.-19.12.2015, 09.01.-30.01.2016 and 05.03.-19.03.2016 for a total price of € 215,00. It includes a 6-day ski pass, a solarium coin and a € 35 wellness voucher.

Ski hire

You can rent your ski equipment in advance or on the day of arrival through our partner company "Sport Hofherr". The ski rental is located in the hotel and helps you save on baggage. For advice, a quotation, or placing an order, please use the request form available at: www.sport-hofherr.at.

Your rented or private equipment is best stored in our large ski depot.

Sun skiing for children (05.03.-19.03.2016):

Children´s ski lessons of 6 days (under 7 years) EUR 140.00

When booking a minimum of 7 nights Bobo´s ski school for children for six days is available at a special price of EUR 140,--. When booking this package our partner Sport Hofherr provides the complete ski equipment incl. skis, boots and helmet for your child for free for the maximum of 6 days. Unfortunately, no refund will be granted if the package is not used for the complete duration.

Children´s ski lessons of 5 days (under 7 years) EUR 130.00

When booking a minimum of 7 nights Bobo´s ski school for children for six days is available at a special price of EUR 130,--. When booking this package our partner Sport Hofherr provides the complete ski equipment incl. skis, boots and helmet for your child for free for the maximum of 5 days. Unfortunately, no refund will be granted if the package is not used for the complete duration.

Zwergerlskikurs (2.5 - 3 years) including ski rental € 0

With a minimum 7 nights booking, the Zwergerlskikurs in the hotel's garden including ski equipment (skis, boots and helmet) is offered free of charge for 2.5 - 3.9 years old. You save € 245 per child.

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SPA / Sauna / Fitness / Bathing Area

Our Spa is open 7 days a week. Our masseurs and beauticians will gladly provide recommendations and design an individual spa package tailored to you. You may book appointments approximately 10-14 days prior to arrival, upon your arrival, or during your stay directly in the spa.

Select from traditional treatments, such as partial and full-body massages, facial treatments, manicure and pedicure, and from a wide range of exotic treatments such as hot stone, ear candles, or Shirodhara.

More information about our spa services is available on our website: www.hotelalpenrose.at. Treatments can be booked in advance by filling out the form and sending it to our spa. You can also contact the spa by telephone from 09:00-19:00: +43 / (0)5673 / 24 24 54.

Our spacious sauna area offers a Himalayan salt crystal sauna, salt steam bath, bio-sauna, herbal steam bath, Laconium, sauna (Finnish sauna), ice fountain, foot rollers in a comfortable relaxation area along with a fruit and beverage buffet, fireplace, chairs, water beds, showers, foot massage bath, relaxation swings and a meditation room with gel relaxation beds and exotic sounds, pleasure for both the big and small.

You can participate in fitness programs Monday through Friday. The following courses are accompanied by experts: Nordic walking, Bauch-Beine-Po, Pilates, Aqua Fit, circuit training on our fitness equipment, Rücken und Stretch as well as Bodyworkout. You may also workout independently on our fitness equipment and in our fitness room.

Our bathing area includes and indoor / outdoor pool (approx. 30° C) and a jacuzzi (heated all year round, approx. 36° C). For our younger guests, we have the water wonder world with the motto: "Piratenland" (approx. 35° C). The depth of the swimming pool is 1.40 m and the children's pool is 20 cm. We provide beach towels and bathrobes for adults and children for the duration of your stay.

We also offer a tanning bed (€ 10 for 15 min.).

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Ultra-All-Inclusive gourmet board

The ultra-all-inclusive gourmet board includes our generous breakfast, lunch and afternoon buffets with sweet and savoury delicacies, and an evening menu with various choices and all non-alcoholic drinks from the buffet area.

We offer our all-inclusive gourmet board exclusively to all family members. Please understand that it is not possible for us to monitor unused services or to provide deductions.

Allergies: We are happy to consider your allergies and prepare allergy-friendly food for you.

Babyfood: HiPP Baby menu (various types of milk, cereals, tea, porridge and jars. Upon request, we also prepare fresh porridge for your children.

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This i don't have to bring with!

You will not need to bring the following:

  • Bathrobes and towels
  • Babyphone
  • Bottle warmers, electric kettle and steriliser
  • Crib and baby rocker
  • Humidifier and night light
  • High chair, bibs
  • Backpack
  • Prams and buggies (rain cover + foot muff)
  • Changing mat, nappy bucket
  • Baby bath
  • Bicycles and bicycle helmets (summer)
  • Sled (Winter)
  • Helmets (winter)

Please bring personal items for the children, such as diapers and special infant formula.

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Due to the variety of facilities in the hotel (sauna and bathing facilities, spa, Piratenland, play area over 1000m² in size) your holiday is not dependent on weather conditions. Our Children's Club offers good and bad weather variations  to every programme offered.

You will find the current daily weather forecast on our website under the following link: http://www.hotelalpenrose.at/wetter

Accepted payment methods

• EC-card (D, A, CH)
• Master Card
• Visa
• Cash
• Bank wire transfer

• On-line payment transfer



Here are the answers:
If you have any questions which are not answered here, please send us an email: info@hotelalpenrose.at

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